About MyPage

What is MyPage?
MyPage is a portal page that you see after logging in. It includes the following functions (some items may be unavailable depending on your current study and account status):

  • Start lesson
  • Show study report
  • Show completion certificate
  • Edit profile
  • Payments
  • News
  • Visit the students' forum *
What is the forum?
Here you can post your questions about English and receive feedback from the community and our coaches.
Please make sure to provide specific lesson information that will help us identify the part of the course.
If you have any questions regarding course functionality, please send an inquiry form accessible from the top of MyPage.
Can I take lessons after the course period is expired?
You can't access the lessons once the course period is expired.
However, you can continue to use study report / course certificate / forum.
I want to download my completion certificate.
When you pass your program, a 'download completion certificate' button will appear on MyPage.

Click this button to download your certificate as a PDF file.
You can also download your certificate after the course period is expired.

(Note that some courses do not offer a completion certificate for download.)