I want a receipt.
If you paid at a convenience store or by credit card, your receipt is the receipt you received at the convenience store or the settlement notification from your credit card company. Please keep a copy for your records.
Also, when we have confirmed payment, we issue a 'course attendance certificate' that shows your course name and a payment receipt.

To download your 'course attendance certificate':

  1. Login to MyPage and click the 'Payments' link at the top of the page.
  2. Click 'Detail' on right side of the Payment Information page.
  3. Click 'Download' to save or print the 'course attendance certificate' PDF file.
I don't know the number (customer number / payment code) that I need in order to pay at a convenience store.
You can get/check your customer number (payment code) by logging in to MyPage and clicking 'Pay Now' button.
My payment code (customer number) for paying at a convenience store has become invalid. Please give me another one.
You can reissue your payment code (customer number) from Pay Now button on MyPage.